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Krispy Kreme Customers Wait in Wrong Line 'For an Hour' Outside New Dublin Store

Customers hoping to sample doughnuts at Ireland’s first Krispy Kreme waited for over an hour on October 2 without realizing they were in the wrong queue, according to a local resident who has been documenting traffic chaos since the store opened.This footage was posted to Facebook by Giacomo Persichini, who told Storyful that the confusion occurred when a number of cars mistook the car park for the entrance.“There’s that little entrance next to <span class="caps">TGI</span> Friday’s and the Leisureplex, and I believe people started entering from there thinking they could simply go through. Then more people saw the queue building up in there and thought it was the actual queue to Krispy Kreme. There’s a fence right in the middle of the car park where the traffic cones and the middle entrance is, and that hasn’t been opened ever throughout the whole night.”Persichini said he witnessed people waiting for at least an hour before some people got out of theirs cars an

Source: Storyful

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